Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Today we went on a flight to Cape Leveque and flew over the Horizontal Falls. It was really great to see from the air, although the aircraft was smaller then what I thought it would be it was still a good trip.

We will spend another day here looking around Broome and getting some of the history of the town and the pearling industry.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tom Price

Went on down as far as Mt Tom Price and went on a bus tour of the mine. That was really interesting to see the workings of the mine. It was also iron ore that gets mined there.

Saturday we were back in Port Hedland and spent Sunday with Andrew. We went out to Marble Bar. It was a small town but interesting to see the marble reef as it was called, and the waterhole which attracted some birdlife.

Port Hedland also has a salt mine that goes 24/7 , they harvest the salt from the sea water

That is a mountain of salt, it hardly rains here so it is all out in the open air.
We have moved on to Broome now and spending a few days here. We are doing a flight to the Horizontal falls and the islands tomorrow. Should be a good day.

Will post again when I can, coverage has not been plentiful as we have been free camping a lot of the time. The weather is like summer, today it was 30 degrees when we arrived in Broome although it cools down of a night.

Port Hedland

After nine days of travelling long distances, and  the scenery not changing a big lot, long distances between towns or roadhouses we finally arrived in Port Hedland and met up with our son Andrew as planned. He had organised a special tour of the harbour for us to get a close up look at the huge ships and to see where he has been working. The ships that they load the iron ore into are massive. The value of the iron ore is huge, BHP gets 18 million dollars profit from each ship. The ships do not leave the harbour till they have paid for the ore, they also have to pay entry and taxes before the tugs will bring them in.
After this he showed us around the town and we also happened to be there on the full moon to see the Staircase to the moon. Our photos were not the best from there but it was good to see.
The next day we headed off to Karijini National Park for a couple days rest. Saw some wild flowers in bloom and did a walk through one of the gorges. It was very pretty there.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Next trip

Hello all, I have not been posting much these days as I have been trying to get organised to go away.
We are planning to go up to the Northern Territory and across into WA.  I have been trying to gather what information I could about what to see and do along the way. Hopefully I will be able to blog about our travels. I am also looking forward to having some warmer weather too.