Friday, 31 January 2014

Some sewing

At last I have got to doing a bit of sewing, I made 2 library bags for the grand kids this week and got them in the post for them to receive next week.

library bags 001library bags 004

They chose the fabrics before they went home after having a holiday with us. Bailey likes motor bikes and dinosaurs. Mikayla likes Dora and also chose the golliwog fabric.I also lined the bags with calico to make them a bit more sturdier.

Monday, 13 January 2014

More mouths to feed

The dry weather is getting worse, we have had cattle out on agistment but last week had to bring them home to feed hay to. Hope  we soon see a break and get some good rain.The storms have been missing us altogether.


The kids had to see all the action too. The neighbour came down to help and brought his couple of little ones down too. The other photo is the 4 grand kids enjoying themselves.


Getting back into it

We had the grandkids stay for 2 weeks over the Xmas New Year period, they are full on as any 6 and 7 year olds would be. Went to the beach for a few days then entertained them at home on the farm helping to feed the animals and helping cook. They really enjoyed themselves but I needed to have a couple of days to recover after they went back home.



And yes I even went for a ride, I hung on pretty tight I can tell you. We went to Underwater world also, they found it unbelievable.



Then at home the kids were able to cool off on the slide.