Friday, 26 April 2013

Corn Silage



Today we are chopping the corn crop for silage to store in the pits to be fed out at a later date for the cattle. The photo above is a pit ready to store the silage in. The silage will keep for years this way but we feed it out regularly to the cattle to grow and fatten on.



The corn crop standing and now the chopper is in action. Some precision driving is required here.


DSC_0558The silage has to be pushed up and rolled to pack it down and get the air out to preserve it.By the end of the day the pit should be full. DSC_0579DSC_0562

The silage is then fed out with the feed wagon into the troughs for the cattle to enjoy.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Field of Flowers

I have just finished this quilt top. It is a Sue Daly pattern and has a lot of applique and embroidery in it. It is a really nice pattern and a good one to have to take along when you have sew and stitch days. It has not been quilted yet so that could take awhile to finish.

One top finished

This is one of the scrap tops finished, I will decide on the quilting later- probably machine quilting. I still have lots of scraps probably another 2 tops at least if I dont decide to do something else, which often happens.

Monday, 8 April 2013


I have had some time lately to sort out some of my scraps that have been accumulating over a long period of time.I decided it must be time to do something with them so sorted into sizes that were from shop samples and I will just sew them all together and then maybe practise some machine quilting on them. This is only one lot of scraps- then there are all those 2.5 inch squares that will have to be another top. Then there seems to be alot of useless pieces that I dont really know why I even bought them, they will also be put to good use in another scrappy top.
One thing I have discovered is that polar fleece makes a good backing for using as a display sheet to stick the pieces to. The op shops have numerous polar fleece blankets.
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Field of Flowers

I have finally finished the stitching on this quilt.The pattern is a Sue Daly design. It was one of those projects which I got so far then put it away for awhile before getting back to it. This is not a very good photo, I will have to give it another go sometime.
It is a really sweet design, I still have to quilt it and bind it.There is a lot of hand stitching on it which makes it slow going for me.
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