Friday, 18 January 2013

Challenge Table Runner

Today I have finished making the table runner for the quilting club when it has the open day.The runners will be on display and can be voted on by members and the public visiting.We were given 2 fabrics to use, any method could be used. It also had to be a certain size and have 2 tassels on the 45 degree pointed end. I still have the tassels to make.
One of the fabrics I have used in the centre of the 4 squares set on point, the other is the bright green fabric that I have put on the back in the corner.
We have also had a supply of beetroot which I have been bottling and also made some beetroot chutney which I had not made before. It is very nice.


  1. Love your little table runner. Beetroot chutney never had that before....You must pass on your recipe.

  2. Congratulations Marilyn, you have used one very ugly fabric and transformed it into your beautiful table runner. The beetroot chutney sounds very interesting.