Saturday, 17 August 2013


We are seeing some of the wild life that lives around these regions,here are just a couple of snaps that we managed to get.


Pelican                                                Cormorant


jabiru- hope to see one close up                 pair of sea eagles


Long tailed finch                              Bower bird

We are really enjoying our travels. The Durack homestead at lake Argyle was rescued from being flooded when the dam filled. Mirima Nat park was just behind the caravan park in Kununurra, so I went for an early morning walk through the hills. The rock formations are really breath taking.




Sunset on the ord river                          Jacana, these little birds live on the lily leaves on the water.

We have arrived in Katherine so more sight seeing tomorrow.

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  1. You did well to get the bird photos. They are so hard to get before they flit off!! Beautiful photos Marilyn, and so glad you are enjoying your trip. A lovely part of the world!