Monday, 26 May 2014

Fabric collage

Last week a friend and I had a little experiment with some fabric collage, now I can embellish it although I don't have anything particular in mind with what I will make out of it.

The weather has been so lovely lately I have had a burst of energy to give the garden some TLC. The roses have had a beautiful display of blooms, probably the last before winter. Have weeded the garden and spread out some hay to mulch the beds before winter. The local plant nursery is closing down the retail side of their business so I had to make some purchases too. Some of the plants don't survive the heavy soil and the cold frosty winter so I usually go for something frost hardy and tolerant of heavy soils.


  1. Lovely roses, Marilyn. I had one last flush on mine and now I have pruned them lightly. Your fabric collage is wonderful. Once you embellish it, it will take on a new life. Your colour choices are great and did you stamp the blue fabric yourself? It is a nice motif.

    1. Thank you Di for the lovely comments, the paisley motif is one I found in the scrap booking department. I placed it on top of the fabric when I was doing some sun printing.

  2. Love your fabric collage marilyn you will have fun embellishing this to bring it to life. The colours are so nice
    You are lucky to have such lovely roses in your garden

  3. Love your fabric collage. Now for lots of stitch