Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sewing compendium

I have had this pattern for sometime and decided to make this over the holiday break. It was a little more time consuming then I had imagined but in the end I was happy with the result. It has extra pockets on the inside and lots of room to store sewing needs.


sewing compendiumOutside of bag

other side of bag


My next UFO is this Tropical Sashiko Sampler, I have slowly been making progress on it and now I can see that I will soon be able to be put it all together.

tropical sashiko blockssashiko blockssashiko block


  1. Love your sewing compendium Marilyn and your tropical sashiko is going to be smashing!

  2. What a fab compendium Marilyn. It looks a lot of work but is beautiful - and, of course, very practical and useful!! Look forward to seeing your sashiko - one of the quilts on my "bucket list". Your new look blog is great and I have now been "inspired" to update my creative blog - the travel blog will start again in May!