Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back home

We are back home again after a lovely break and some warm weather but we have been reminded about how cold it can be. Hopefully it will not be too long before we start to feel the spring and see the blossoms come out. A sight I always enjoy.
We went inland up to the Undara lava tubes and as far north as Cooktown then back down the coast doing some of the touristy things along the way.
Inside the Lava Tube

Cooktown lookout

Kuranda Rail

Paronella Castle
Millaa Millaa Falls


Hanna Hedgehog
I also took time to do a little shopping and collect a few memories. Since I have been back after catching up on the garden and a few other things I had to make the pattern that I bought while away.
I thought he was really cute. The pattern is from Pauline at Funky Friends Factory and she designs and makes patterns for all sorts of animals.
Little Hayley my GD has also been visiting each afternoon after school now and also wanted to make something, so a small bag was made under her instructions and of course she wanted to use the machine to sew. The bag was then a show and tell item at school the next day, although not finished quite the way I would have liked but not to worry, she liked it and the books fitted in the bag.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time away Marilyn and missed most of our cold weather. Love the hedgehog and the "memories" you collected along the way. Hayley looks very pleased with her book bag and it's wonderful to see her interested in following her Grandma's sewing talents. Thanks for your comments on my blog - now at One Creative Miss ( ) and no longer Lallee's Dreamscape.

  2. HI! Marilyn ,You had a good trip photos are nice. Good to head to the warm weather at the moment. Hannah Hedgehog is very cute . It is good the grandchildren take a interest in sewing as the younger generation seem to miss these skills. 3 (2 girls 1 boy) of my 8 grandies have attempted the eldest girl has made 2 quilts with me. She looks very happy with her bag.